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If we don't find then you don't pay ... Anything! 

No-find No-fee.

Would you like to be put in contact with an old friend or long lost family member?  The skills we employ locating estate beneficiaries for the legal profession are ideally suited to finding that person you lost touch with all those years ago.

We have invested heavily in online search facilities which, when combined with our genealogical skills, ensures that we are able to locate most people most of the time.  We are confident enough to guarantee that if we fail to find the person you have asked us to locate then we will not charge you.

Naturally, the time taken to locate a person will vary.  It is not unknown for us to respond to a client with a successful result on the same day that we are commissioned, whereas some tasks may take weeks to complete.  However, regardless of how much work is involved for us, we guarantee to charge you no more than the figure we quoted at the beginning.  This ensures that you will never be presented with a bill for more than you budgeted. 

Our aim would normally be to contact the missing person directly, once located, so that their identity may be verified.  However, we will respect your wishes if you, the client, would prefer to make the first approach.  We are prepared to be guided by you in what is a potentially sensitive matter.

If you click on the “Media” button on the left hand side of this page you will be able to view examples of our work featured in The Northern Echo. One chap simply wanted to be put in touch with an old workmate he hadn’t seen since the 1960s. Another person asked to be united with second cousins she had only heard about in family folklore.

With our No-find No-fee guarantee you have nothing to lose and potentially something very interesting to gain.  Why not give us a call?

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