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Beneficiaries FAQ

No one in my family has ever had much money. How can I possibly be entitled to an inheritance?
We are not necessarily talking about a large sum of money, although there is no particular upper limit. It is easy to forget that your family may be lot wider than those relatives you are in regular contact with. Many people have far-flung relations they have lost touch with or may even be totally unaware of.

Why have you asked me to confirm the names of my parents and grandparents?
You will appreciate that very few names in the UK are unique. So if we write to a John Smith, say, we have to satisfy ourselves that we have written to the correct John Smith, and not one from a different family. Verifying the names of the parents and grandparents helps us to do this.

Are Kindred UK solicitors?
No. We are Probate Genealogists whose expertise lies in genealogical research. We do not generally involve ourselves in the legal administration of the estate as we have been advised that this would constitute a conflict of interest. Instead, we prefer the administration to be handled by a totally independent solicitor who is obliged to serve the best interests of the beneficiaries to the estate, irrespective of the interests of Kindred UK.

Does this mean I will get a bill from a solicitor later on?
No. Legal charges are deducted from the estate prior to distribution of its funds. It is worth repeating that you will not receive a bill for anything related to this matter.

Are you a member of a professional body?
There are now three competing organisations covering the industry that has come to be known as heir-hunting.  They represent different power-blocks within the industry and we have chosen not to align ourselves with any of them.

We believe that a body has yet to emerge that can claim to be something greater than a marketing exercise for its members.  When a genuinely independent enforcer of good practice within the industry emerges we would certainly be interested in joining.

Are you a well established company?
The business was established in 1998 and has been active in probate research since 2006.  Since that date we have been responsible for uncovering several millions of pounds in unclaimed estates and have shared the windfalls amongst several hundred beneficiaries.

Since 2014, we have been a limited company which is registered at Companies House with company number 08961786.  We are also VAT registered (Reg no: 153 0476 29).

References may be obtained from several independent solicitors for whom we have carried out work.  They will happily testify to our expertise and integrity. 


Why won’t you tell me how large the unclaimed estate is?

In the early stages of research, we don’t know the value. Until a successful claim is made on behalf of a legitimate beneficiary, the government will not reveal the size of the unclaimed estate.

Will you be able to put me in touch with long-lost relatives?
Certainly. And we have brought about some heart-warming reunions in the course of our work. However, we are sure you will appreciate that, before anyone's contact details are passed-on, we must first establish that both sides are happy to be contacted.

Can I have a family tree?
Yes. We would be happy to supply you with a tree if you send us your email address. Although we prefer to wait until our research is complete, it is sometimes possible to supply a "work in progress" tree.

How long does the process take?
A year is not uncommon. It may take longer if the legal administration of the unclaimed estate is complex.

I won’t be billed for anything, will I?

Are you sure?

If no relatives are found, who gets the money?
If no beneficiary makes a successful claim within 30 years of the death of the deceased, then the funds of the unclaimed estate pass to The Crown, i.e. the government.

I have a question not in this list. Can you help me?
Feel free to write to or ring the office with your query.

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