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Are you a beneficiary?

Perhaps you have come to this site because we have written to inform you we believe you are entitled to a share in an unclaimed estate. The news may have come as a great surprise and no one would blame you for feeling sceptical.

However, please allow us the opportunity to explain how Kindred UK comes to write to several hundred people with this news every year. There is a "Frequently asked questions" link at the end of this piece to click on if you would like further explanation.

Every year in the UK, thousands of people die intestate, i.e. without leaving a will. In the vast majority of cases, money from the deceased's estate will, as a matter of course, find its way to the rightful beneficiaries, since one or more close relatives will normally be on hand to actively pursue their claim.

But consider what would happen if, for example, a person died unmarried and without children. And let us suppose that this person had no surviving brothers or sisters and had lost contact (or never had contact) with his cousins, nephews and nieces. These more distant relations (or their descendants) will, in all probability, be entitled to a share in the estate, but will be blissfully unaware that the inheritance to which they are entitled is waiting to be claimed.

The proceeds from the estate will remain in the care of the government, until a company such as Kindred UK conducts the research necessary to locate the rightful beneficiaries. Quite often, our research will lead to nothing, but in successful cases, we obtain a return on our investment in the form of a percentage of funds yielded by the estate.

If no beneficiary is located, then the proceeds of the estate pass to the government.

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