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About Kindred UK

Kindred UK was established in 1998 and was incorporated as a limited company in 2014.  The business evolved from its family-history/genealogy roots to become very successful in an industry that came to be known as “Heir-hunting”, i.e. identifying and tracking down beneficiaries to unclaimed estates.  We quickly appreciated that our skills in this area would be useful to solicitors wishing to locate a missing beneficiary, or to handle a general intestacy.  Subsequently, we began to offer our services to anyone who wished to track-down a friend or relative with whom they had lost touch.

Kindred UK has two capable and highly motivated partners, supported by a network of agents nationwide.  This business model helps keep costs low and commission rates down.  We do not maintain a fleet of mobile agents to doorstep potential clients.  We have no managers with exotic-sounding job titles.  Should you telephone the company, there will be no receptionist to navigate. Instead, you will speak straight to the person who can discuss your case with you.


Stephen Phillips MSc, MA

Stephen spent 18 years working for the world's largest company as a software engineer before turning his interest in history and genealogy into a full-time occupation with Kindred UK. His computing skills have proved useful at Kindred UK, whose in-house computer systems he confidently predicts will be second to none.

In his spare time, he follows a popular local football team and also tackles a number of musical instruments with great enthusiasm and varying degrees of success.



Kathleen Phillips BSc, MSc
Kathleen also comes from a computing background, but in addition can claim 15 years of solid genealogical research experience, supported by her many knowledgeable friends at the Northumberland and Durham Family History Society. Added to this, she holds a masters degree in Information Management from the University of Northumbria.
In her spare time, Kathleen plays tennis and enjoys creative-writing.

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